AI system recruited by HR firm Randstad Belgium to improve customer relations and cashflow

Jean-Cyril Schütterlé Jean-Cyril Schütterlé: Easier work, improved performance

Paris, France. January 9th, 2020 – Randstad Belgium has adopted the Sidetrade artificial intelligence (AI) platform called Aimie. The solution is designed to optimise the financial side of its customer relationships and to accelerate cashflow.

Randstad Belgium is a specialist in the field of human resources services, flexible work (with the Randstad and Tempo-Team brands), and outplacement (Risesmart). According to a spokesperson, Randstad Belgium is convinced that, “by combining the best features of physical and digital processes, we can reinvent the future of work.” Over the last few years, Randstad Belgium has been optimising its processes by putting innovative technology at the service of the job seekers and workers they help.

The HR company has been using Sidetrade’s technology since 2013 to digitalise and automate its financial processes. Its finance department has reported a four day drop in days sales outstanding.

Today, with enhanced data processing, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an ever-greater role in companies, giving clear information in real time on the state of the business, and providing support to make the best decisions. New areas are said to be ripe for intelligent automation, including personalised client relations for finance, automated processing of invoices, and anticipation of client behaviour.

“We are going through a revolution, where our AI technology, using deep learning, and working in unison with CRM and ERP systems, rationalises business processes, makes work easier for people, and improves performance. Randstad Belgium joined this revolution by selecting Aimie, Sidetrade’s artificial intelligence assistant, to boost the performance of their teams,” saysJean-Cyril Schütterlé, chief product officer of Sidetrade.

Staff can concentrate on core business

To deal with an increase in sales (which total €1.5 billion) and a corresponding jump in the number of invoices, Randstad Belgium has decided to use Aimie (Sidetrade AI) for fast, reliable, decision-making support.

Trained on 313 million business-to-business (B2B) payment experiences totalling more than €953 billion over the last three years, Aimie will analyse each Randstad Belgium client in real time to determine the best follow-up strategy. Aimie will consider objectives set by the finance department, and other criteria such as buyer profile, billing characteristics, and the history of the relationship including any disputes.

Aimie aims to free up staff from time-consuming collection tasks, and it automatically adjusts workflows according to client-specific payment behaviour, while assigning the most complex cases to staff depending on workload. The actions recommended by Aimie are reportedly 53% more effective than conventional decisions made by the human mind alone. Moreover, Aimie cuts useless tasks by 51%, allowing staff to focus their expertise on the most important disputes and spend more time developing human relations with clients.

Rudy Lathouwers, director of Administration at Randstad Belgium, comments: “We are looking forward to the roll-out of Aimie in the context of the digitalisation of our processes. This AI system will help us optimise our relations with our small and medium-sized clients. With Aimie on board, our credit controller staff are going to be able to concentrate on key account management, which is more complex.”

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