Orange Spain and Vodafone Spain both aim to transform customer relationships

Orange Spain has chosen St. Louis-based Amdocs a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, to drive new services and revenue in the digital economy.The project encompasses a large-scale IT and business transformation, including a multi-year contract with managed services, the managed upgrade of tens of legacy systems, and technology provided by multiple partners.

An “open and dynamic approach” by Amdocs’, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, means that portfolio pieces can be upgraded in shorter intervals. This enables IT to better meet the evolving needs of Orange Spain’s business. amdocsONE, Amdocs’ latest set of cloud-native, modular and open offerings and services, will be deployed on AWS, with the goal of bringing Orange improved customer experience, smart monetisation and faster service delivery.

“Today’s digital native customers expect a superior experience. It has never been more critical in this competitive environment to leverage the strength of our different brands and our rich service portfolio, and to enable our customers to mix and match these in the most appealing manner,” says Jose Luis Barcenilla Visus, program director at Orange Spain.

“We’re confident that with Amdocs, we will have the velocity to serve our business needs as we evolve in this dynamic, changing market. This investment in consolidating and modernising our systems is a major business priority. It will help us to take greater advantage of all our in-house capabilities as well as to rapidly explore the potential for new lines of business and leverage the vast ecosystem of digital players in the marketplace.”

amdocsONE supports Orange Spain in achieving continuous enhancements at pace, in conjunction with business priorities in a DevOps, agile manner. In addition, Orange Spain hosts Amdocs’ cloud-native system in its cloud environment to further accelerate time-to-market.

“Orange Spain is an innovator, focused on delivering an unmatched experience to its customers. We are proud to introduce automation into Orange Spain’s operations and accelerate innovation and efficiency and ultimately to deliver customer-first digital experiences,” adds Gary Miles, chief marketing officer at Amdocs. “amdocsONE is positioned to help CSPs future-proof their businesses, capture every revenue opportunity of the digital economy, help monetise the value of 5G and leverage partnerships within the digital ecosystem.”

Unifying customer ‘journeys’

In a simultaneous announcement Vodafone Spain reports it is using Amdocs’ digital engagement capabilities to unify its customer journeys across multiple online channels for quicker and more personalised experiences. Amdocs has now enabled Vodafone Spain to understand its customer journeys across all assisted and unassisted touch-points of the digital business, including SMS, Facebook, Twitter, website and in-app interactions.

By partnering with Amdocs and NICE in Contact, Vodafone Spain can now better understand its customers and the context of all interactions. This enables them to grow care-to-commerce revenue by making more relevant predictive care and promotional offers to customers, including integration with TOBi, Vodafone’s virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Vodafone Spain’s new customer engagement layer powered by Amdocs extends the ongoing collaboration between the two companies.

Pedro García Navarro, HO. Tribe IT digital software engineering at Vodafone Spain, says that, “As part of our digital-first strategy, we needed a platform that would enhance the customer journey, improve the efficiency of our customer service agents and be scalable. An important part of this project was to unify all of our digital communications within a short space of time. Partnering with Amdocs and NICE inContact has enabled us to integrate all of our digital channels so that we can provide a more consistent level of customer care based on our now more comprehensive knowledge of the customer’s journey across the entire digital ecosystem.”

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